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5 Colors and Home Decor Trends for 2020

that you must know now!

eBook 2020 Trends

What's inside this trend book?

colors 2020

The colors of the year.

We have found the 5 colors that will be seen everywhere in 2020.

Be prepared to see them in product development across multiple industries, such as home furnishing, and fashion.

You can't go wrong with these.

The new materials for home furnishing.

The materials revealed in this trend book will be a must in every interior.

They go along with the biggest trends of the year, and if matched with the above colors, perfect harmony and peaceful interiors are achieved.

materials 2020

interiors 2020

The biggest trends in home decor.

This is where everything comes together, and you are revealed the biggest home decor and interior design trends of the year.

It is inevitable. These trends have come to stay.

Our product development for the year.

Knowledge is nothing without imagination.

That's why we are sharing with you our development of products for the upcoming year.

Be inspired, and imagine these products in the interiors of 2020.

products 2020

Why do I need this trend book?

It will be a big asset to your task of trends forecasting for the upcoming year.

It will help you decide the colors, materials, and products decor that you need to provide your clients.

An effective trend forecasting will allow you to buy the right products in 2020.

We are a manufacturer of decorative pottery, and a big part of our job consists of staying on top of trends and being effective in our product development...

 Our job is on the line. And so is yours. 

That's why you must gather all the relevant and trustworthy information you can.

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